Dream Ignition

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Innovation Consulting, Coaching, Project Management


3 Step System, Designed to Ignite YOUR PERSONAL LOTTO

You have options to success

STEP #1 Idea Clarity™ Consultations

  • Discuss a custom plan based on your goals
  • Search for Your Personal Lottery
  • Evaluate your options and idea marketability
  • Discuss how we could work together on your innovation
  • Provide walk away resources, ideas, to start your inspiration 

Innovation Coaching Realizing The Dream

STEP #2 Invention Coaching Available As Needed

  • 6, 13, or 26-week guidance program(s)
  • Gain access to resources or potential markets
  • Get help to stay on track and meet your targets
  • Receive Coaching support to make effective decisions

Innovation  Infastructure - All the elements needed for success

STEP #3 Innovation Distribution

  • Impactful business name and logo development
  • Excellent sources to rollout your Innovation.
  • Get professional agency branding services
  • Includes All Aspects of Idea Inception to Market Presence.

New Owners Said This About Idea Ignition's Services...

 “They worked with me for weeks and did an excellent job keeping me apprised of developments in my contract work. When we ran into a roadblock, they developed and communicated alternative plans to achieve my goals. I highly recommend the transparent approach to project management they demonstrate. Very comforting!”                                                                              

                                                                                                                         Ellen D., Nutritional Business

“Chuck helped me with great advice in a new opportunity in the medical field. As a coach, he always had my back and best interests. It was amazing how the accumulation of little things he suggested, went a long way toward my successful outcome.                                                                                                                                              

                                                                                           Kimlin, New Medical Contractor from Jersey City, NJ

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