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9 Frequently Asked Project Questions

How Much Does it Cost?

Depending on the help you need, our service rates run for $89 and above. We also can arrange trials, email us a request. 

How Do I Know If We’re a Right Fit?

This is accessed during a Idea Clarity session, where we cover goals, expectations, work procedures, and other topics relating to your desires to realize your Invention's Success.

How Do You Protect My Idea?

We provide non-disclosure agreements, and discuss other ways to establish protection for your ideas.  All our work is strictly confidential.

Can’t I Do This Myself?

Maybe, but it’s important that you consider your experience when it comes to bringing products to the market. You risk losing a significant amount of time, effort, and financial resources if your plans are not properly executed.

What Are Your Fees for Project Management?

Invention Rollouts Fees are based on your project’s complexity and required development. Any fees would be private and tailored to the tasks and goals established for your innovation. Book an Idea Clarity session now and access your true potential. 

How Much Do You Manage?

We address the extremes, meaning we can have a product idea handed off to us and we oversee all the details with the accountability, or we can agree upon responsibilities for each party’s best efforts to accomplish the tasks needed for a winning campaign.


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What Type of Market Analysis Are You Using?

This varies depending on the project and the client’s needs. This is addressed during a Idea Clarity or Coaching session. Book a consultation today to learn more.

With Any Partnership, Do I Lose Control?

No. All innovative projects are unique, and we agree upon joint responsibilities. You only surrender a degree of control when you hand off an innovation to build, and we agree to clear terms in advance.

What Are Your Assurances?

We assure you of confidentiality, and the commitment to help you reach your dreams. The final marketable product or service takes shape as we work together, and oftentimes can change with market conditions and new strategies. We offer complete transparency, with all the activities reported as agreed.

Feedback From A Creativity Leader And Wondering Entrepreneur ...

"As Creative Director of Marketing while at Maxim Magazine, I witnessed first-hand, Chuck Leto's ability to coordinate my product and program launches successfully  for nearly 3 years."                                  Lisa K,  lisakaynyc.com

" Many people hide behind their setbacks through blame. You proved to me how to take control, be responsible and WIN !"

                                                                                                                     Darryl Davidson, A Wondering Entrepreneur