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Lotto seeking crowds


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The YPL Lotto Challenge™ 

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Man versus Machine (or at least quick pick) as he plunks down his greenbacks in the hope his Lotto cards contain all the selected winning numbers to dial up an immediate retirement. Every week legions are seduced to playing Lotto, and hope to obliterate an otherwise unfulfilled life, by winning the big money pay-day, when all the time  they could have MEGA Lotteries inside of them. Register to see what innovations are hidden inside of you. 


     20 Lucky Thrill Seekers selected every month for the Your Personal Lotto (YPL) Challenge ...

They utilize their knowledge base reclaiming old inspirations with our complimentary Idea Clarity™ session. Ideas that solve everyday challenges and develop their own Lotto Bonanza. If they draw blanks and come up empty, no worries, Your Personal Lotto will provide participants with a Free Live Lotto Ticket  to reach the promise land, the old fashion way (A wish and a pray). 

I mean, hitting the multi-state lotteries has been reported as YOU (1) in 175,711,536, they say 300 times more likely you'll get hit by lighting.

                              Non selectees still walk away with a complimentary full version E-book 

They learn about how to ignite and place future ideas into the global marketplace, and can come back and visit “The Lotto Challenge” every month,  for an opportunity to beat the Lotto Machine with Your Personal Lotto.

Recent examples of winning ideas. One, Doggie Sunglasses, YES, and it’s a $4 million dollar YPL and the other a wearable 

blanket to date $40 MILLION – That’s a LOTTO Cha-Ching!!!    

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